Rental contracts Bus

All rental contracts are written Az Tourism on the basis of European legal standards and they provide reciprocal guarantees and fairness to the parties. No surprises with A.Z. Tourism, no hidden clauses and vexatious!


Mutual Guarantee on Rentals

The vehicles are insured with liability insurance and the one on fire, theft and accident driver. The insurance has a deductible of € 1,500 to tenants. Customers tomore left to secure a check for the same amount or a copy of a Visa, Mastercard, Amex.


Payment Methods Accepted for rent Bus and Minibus

If you rent a Bus, Minibus, a Bus 9 Seats, or book a custom trip with AZ can conveniently pay by credit card, bank checks, cash, prepaid cards.


Do you want to rent a Minibus 9 Seat? Rent with Az Tourism

The 9 seater minibus can be hired from AZ with or without a driver at very competitive rates on the market of Rome. The 9 seats can be hired for a much longer period at a discounted rate.


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